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Adelaide Labradoodle, Labradoodles SA, Labradoodle, Rockford Labradoodle, Labradoodle puppy

Guardian Program

Rockford breeding dogs and puppies are placed in approved Guardian homes, which are permanent and loving pet homes while still participating in our breeding program.


All our breeding dogs are health tested at around 12 months of age and enter our Breeding Program once they pass. Rockford Labradoodles cover all costs associated with health testing and breeding.


Guardians are responsible for keeping the dog in optimum condition by providing a quality diet, exercising, grooming, vaccinations, vet checks, worming and obtaining pet insurance.

Adelaide Labradoodle, Labradoodles SA, Labradoodle, Rockford Labradoodle, Labradoodle puppy

Breeding dogs come back to us, or our vet, for mating. Our female dogs go back to their Guardians while being pregnant, then back to us for whelping and raising their litter. The female dog and their puppies stay in our home until the puppies are at least 6 weeks of age. Our male dogs only come back for servicing and/or collection, then straight back to their Guardian.


Once our dogs complete their breeding careers (at approximately 5 years old), they are desexed and ownership is transferred to their Guardian at no additional cost to their Guardian.

Benefits to our breeding dogs:

Each dog is cared for as a pet, in their permanent home, with all the love and companionship our dogs are bred for.


Benefits to you:

A high quality Australian Labradoodle to love and care for without paying pet price.


Our Guardian participation fee is priced at $1,000 including GST.


Our Guardian program is only available to applicants within a 1-hour (maximum) driving distance to Rockford Labradoodles for female dogs or within 30 minutes (if possible) for male dogs.


Are you interested in becoming a valued Guardian for Rockford Labradoodles?


Please register your interest here.

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